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American made packaging
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In 1991 PIZ Industries introduced SNAP-N-FILL® Reclosables, the very first High Clarity LDPE saddle pack reclosable deli bag. The patented zipper used on the deli bag, and other bags designed by PIZ, is unique in that it offers an attractive, convenient reclosable solution while not compromising safety or cleanliness.

Manufactured with a closed, asymetrically designed zipper, PIZ's bags are quick and easy to open from the outside, but difficult to open from the inside, even while wearing slippery plastic gloves. Bags are dispensed from our efficiently designed saddle packs which securely locks your product inside. Since our plant and warehouse is located in Tennessee, you won't have to wait for an overseas shipment in order to get your bags. Orders can be delivered in three to five business days, or even overnight, if necessary.



High Clarity
PIZ's extrusion process and resin blend provide an unusually high clarity in our bags, allowing you to display your product to its best advantage. Clouded or color-tinged bags take away from the luster of your product and make it less appealing to your customers.

Food Safety
As an American manufacturer, PIZ Industries' materials and manufacturing process strictly follow the safety standards mandated by Federal Regulations and approved by the United State's Food and Drug Administration (FDA). PIZ zipper bags are made from FDA approved LDPE Resin for direct contact food packaging, and only environmentally safe water-based, lead-free inks are used on our bags. Our product does not contain latex, plasticizers, or heavy metals (such as lead). Lead especially continues to be used in production by some Third World countries, and can contribute to serious health problems.

To avoid infringing on two valid U.S. patents, imported deli bags must be opened by HAND. Because of PIZ's patented easy-open easy-close system, zipper bags do not need to be pre-opened. Manufacturing and shipping bags with the zipper closed ensures the interior of your bag stays fresh and clean for safe, sanitary packaging.

Our factory in Nashville, TN, which complies with all U.S. regulatory agencies, including U.S. customs and fair packaging regulations, is always available for your inspection. PIZ takes pride in knowing our product is safe for your customers!


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