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  • A zipper style closure that offers the desirability, convenience and safety you get only with a reclosable bag.
  • A square shape with a bottom gusset so your fragile grapes are not forced into a funnel shaped bag.
  • Multiple round holes for proper ventilation. No easily torn slits like on the old style bag.
  • Zipper-style saddle pack now used by most supermarket service delicatessens.
  • Random Weight: You can ship your bags open and save on the cost of printing multiple sizes. OVERPACKING COSTS YOU MONEY!

This is THE RANDOM WEIGHT RECLOSABLE GRAPE BAG your buyers are asking for!

If you think shipping a closed bag is a good idea, consider the following:

1. Bags must be printed to identify the product, your name and quantity, so all your bags must be custom printed for you.

2. How many sizes will you have to pack to satisfy a broad range of buyers?

3. How much product will you have to OVERPACK to stay legal at time of sale?

Ship your grapes in this bag with the zipper open-that satisfies labeling requirements.

The supermarket can easily close the zipper and present a closed package for sale. Their only requirement is that grapes be weighed at time of sale. See the statement from the Office of Weights and Measures for futher details.


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